GALAPAGOS is a heartwarming adventure story about friendship and the environment. Our protagonist Boobie, a blue footed seabird and a misfit, leads us and his friends on a perilous journey through the Galapagos islands to save their home from an environmental threat, while trying to win the heart of Comme Ci Comme Ca, a pink flamingo.

The Girl And The Shark is a tale of a woman who lives with sharks and the language they share. 
The story is based on a real life hero, Cristina Zenato, who communicates with a specific group of reef sharks in the waters of Grand Bahama. Cristina Zenato is a shark behaviorist. She inspires people all over the world in her unique work with sharks and her call to action to protect the endangered shark population. 

This story is published as a small book in support of Sea Shepherd. 

Sharks. We are fascinated by them but also fearful of them. Not many people know that we need them. They are indispensable for the existence of the oceans and they keep to amaze us. Do you know why sharks like to swim to a cleaning station? That they  roamed the seas long before the Dinosaurs appeared on our planet? Or that they have countless superpowers?

The author Sophie van der Stap has had a passion for sharks since she met one of her shark heroes in person and learned about this iconic species. She swam in multiple places with sharks and discovered that they are not dangerous but in danger, and that they are in desper ate need of our help. In Shark Heroes, a compelling combination of fiction and non fiction, she shows with help of bizarre shark facts and heroic ocean advocates - captains, deep sea divers and modern mermaids - that sharks are the true heroes of the oceans. 
The Whispering Forest ​​​​​​​
The Whispering Forest describes a family of trees in an untouched forest: A mother tree and her seedlings. One of her seedlings has journeyed till the forest’s edge and is badly affected by the 24/7 artificial light of a highway lantern. In order to help her seedling survive, the mother tree sends it nutrition and messages through the underground network. Trees might be immobile, but their communication skills are highly developed under the ground. As our knowledge is still very limited and recent, the little we know is truly magical.  

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